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Chandeleidescope, the band’s first full length LP fully available NOV 21

SugarTape is an American Rock band from Cape May County, NJ. Operating with a focused goal of bringing listeners on an auditory journey through the tube driven golden age of rock, while simultaneously providing a completely original listening experience; whether it be live or on record. Pinpointing all of their influences proves to be impossible as there are five widely diverse personalities operating the machinery behind the music. Inspirations range from the infancy of the delta blues, to the titans of Classic Rock, to the 90's grunge/alternative that placed hard guitar driven music back in the spotlight. There is also a profound improvisational element in the band's live approach ensuring listeners that they are always in for a unique experience.

SugarTape was formed in September of 2017 after a series of projects all based out of Hatt Marron's famous barn studio. Spearheading the project since it's inception are Matt (Hatt) Harron and South Jersey musician Dean Dunlevy. In February of the same year they were joined by current drummer Patrick Kilian Haigh and by bassist Karlson Hughes that April and soon to be joined by Keyboardist Cameron Friedman the following year to form the band's current lineup. After shortly performing in support of their debut EP, "Mama's New Blues," SugarTape wasted no time at all entering the studio to record their first full length album, Chandelidescope. Due out NOV 21, this album offers a venerable glimpse into the state of rock and roll music in 2019, and into the creative minds of South Jersey’s finest original rock and roll ensemble.